22 Ağustos 2010 Pazar

Harpya - Raoul Servais 1979


Will Spoor Man
Fran Waller Zeper Harpy
Sjoert Schwibethus ... Assailant

Original Music by
Lucien Goethals

Cinematography by
Raoul Servais (animation)
Walter Smets

Aman saves an "interesting" type of bird's life and takes it to his home. But the bird (or bird like human or whatever) slowly starts to ruin the man's freedom to eat or to go outside. All the food is eaten by the so called "bird" and while the man is trying to escape, bird eats his lower part of the body. With the help of a phonograph, he manages to escape from the house but cannot escape from his destiny.

This 9 minute masterpiece has used the animation techniques very smartly although it has been done in 1979. The idea was not explained with cliché techniques either. From the film I understood that a man who helps another might dig his own grave by doing this. cause the one whom you have helped may not help you back. besides he/she can even harm you. so I think this short film was arguing whether one should be individualistic or not (with a pessimistic view.

A must see for all short film and animation addicts.

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